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Medicine Under Management: ImpaxRx is a powerful way to reduce your pharmacy spend.

The Benefits of ImpaxRx

In recent years, the pharmacy industry has become the fastest growing healthcare expense in America. Utilizing an innovative Consumer Driven Approach to prescription drugs, what is needed are prescription management services and tools specifically designed to help self insured employers save money on prescription drugs. With our unique 9 Ways to Save engine and pharmacy price comparison tools, we discover these savings opportunities.
ImpaxRx is a Medication Under Management prescription savings program and proven risk mitigation process for employers and for individuals in self insured plans with high deductibles seeking to reduce their medication claims and out of pocket costs. Specifically designed to completely manage high dollar, brand and specialty medications, we work directly with pharmaceutical manufacturers to help eligible individuals qualify for highly discounted medications. Our prescription savings experts handle the entire process including managing communications for the outcome of every medication. Our unique pricing methodology and full-service, quality, no-risk approach can seamlessly reduce the plan costs for managed medications by over 60%.
With over 1 billion drug prices and 60,000 pharmacies, the ImpaxRx enterprise applications can further analyze a company's claims data to find additional ways to reduce costs and then help engage employees to inform them of the savings options.

Generic Substitutes

Generic drugs contain the same active ingredients at the same strength and purity as their brand-name counterparts, but they come at a fraction of the cost.

OTC Substitutes

Wisely chosen over-the-counter medications are safe, effective and they can provide great savings by coordinating directly with a health care professional.

Combination Medications

Under certain conditions, brand name medications may be able to be replaced by a combination of two or more lesser cost generic medications.

Mail Order

Having prescription medications sent directly by mail provides a great convenience and substantial savings for medications taken on an ongoing basis.

60,000 Pharmacies

Choices matter and, with over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, the inherent price competition to be the low cost provider means significant savings.

Bulk Buys

Bulk purchasing agreements aim to reduce costs for drugs by increasing the volume of products purchased, which reduces the price per medication.

Price Shopping

ImpaxRx knows where to find the lowest priced medications and then does comparison calculations to determine best value.

Pill Splits

Medications that are available in twice the normal dosage and that can be safely split may make it possible to double the supply for half the cost.

Assistance Programs

ImpaxRx inhouse prescription specialists help qualifying employees to get medicines through the various public or private programs right for them.

6 Simple Steps to Savings

ImpaxRx makes the path to savings as simple as possible. It begins with working directly with groups to review and determine where savings opportunities exist. From there its just a few steps more to configure, inform and engage. Find out how you can realize significant savings today.

1. Send Drug Claims

It all begins after receiving your experienced medication claims data.

2. Free Analysis

ImpaxRx explores all options for improvement and delivers a FREE Savings Analysis.

3. Choose and Sign

You review and decide the savings paths that are right for you and sign to authorize.

4. Submit Census

Upon receipt of your employee data, ImpaxRx prepares for launch to your teams.

5. Set Report Options

Pick your reporting options for receiving utilization and resulting savings information.

6. Deploy and Engage

Let the ImpaxRx engagement and savings engines go to work for you!

Saving Made Simple

Our solution uses best practices in behavioral science to help consumers make more informed decisions about their medications. Those using ImpaxRx receive personalized recommendations to reduce prescription drug costs while maintaining quality. Our tools allows them to directly transfer their prescription or consult their prescribing physician to explore these additional savings opportunities.
  • Personalized

    Providing a crisp, familiar experience complete with user's medications.

  • Simple to Follow

    Helping by providing clear instructions on how to choose and proceed.

  • Recommendations

    Showing employees the way to quickly and easily secure their medication savings.

  • Targeted Savings

    With our unique 9 Ways to Save engine, employees can discover savings within seconds.

  • 60,000+ Pharmacies

    Offering extreme price competition means getting the very best value available.

  • Keep It Simple Savings

    The ImpaxRx "Keep It Simple Savings" approach drives engagement with minimum effort.

Simple to Use, Easy to Save

ImpaxRx understands programs won't be successful if you can't get members to understand how to use it.

Our innovative prescription savings tool saves organizations the maximum amount possible by making it easy to use with our "Keep It Simple Savings" approach. Invest your time today to find out more about how your organization and its members can take the simple steps towards instant, long-lasting savings on medication costs.