When it comes to lowering the overall cost of specialty medications,

ImpaxRX™ is the authority.

is in your corner?

Our team of expert advocates provide repeatable results through our proprietary ImpaxRX MUM™ (Medication Under Management) program. As advocates, we offer industry insights and demonstrate innovative techniques that only we possess from our years of knowledge gained through direct contact with the people we serve.

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can we do for you?

ImpaxRX is specifically designed and optimized for medium to large businesses that use self-funded healthcare and are impacted by the high-costs of specialty medications provided to employees. The ImpaxRX process lowers the overall cost of self-funded plans and facilitates a proven procedure to lower costs of specialty medications. This ROI does not require a financial investment, only an investment in time.

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a proven process that works

The ImpaxRX MUM™ solution administers a proven proprietary process that will lower specialty medication costs for qualified individuals.


Technology based scalable enrollment process saves onboarding time


Planned participants, customer service support, alternate distributions of medication


The employer is now in control of their pharmaceutical spending while increasing ROI


All processing of medications, proceedures, and customer service is US based.

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