We Are ImpaxRX

ImpaxRX™ Corporate Overview

ImpaxRX™ is a 21st– century company headquartered in Boca Raton, FL that became the outsource and oversight functions for prescription assistance program advocacy in order to work with PBMs, TPAs and Employer self-funded groups to help with the rapidly rising cost of medications.

Our research found an overwhelming number of companies were facing large claims costs and even larger shock claims due to state of the art medications and soaring prescription prices.  Pharmaceutical medications are the fastest growing healthcare expense in America.  What’s needed are prescription management services that utilize an innovative consumer-driven approach to high-cost and specialty prescription medications with tools specifically designed to help Employer self-funded groups save money on these medications.

ImpaxRX™ partnered with healthcare leaders in the pharmaceutical arena and turned ImpaxRX™ into a nationwide leader of advocacy for prescription assistance programs.  We are focused on helping people that are insured with high‑deductibles and/or high copays, underinsured or without insurance making them financially challenged to obtain prescription medication(s).

ImpaxRX™ utilizes our proprietary Medication under Management™ (MUM™) program created for proven cost reduction services to Employer self-funded groups seeking to save money on their high-cost pharmacy spend and, on their Employees, out of pocket expenses for these medications.  The MUM™ program was specifically designed to manage high dollar, brand name and specialty medications for Employers, their employees and their covered dependents.

Our highly trained prescription savings advocates handle all communications and processes to ensure the best outcomes for every Medication Under Management™. ImpaxRX™ developed a unique full-service pricing methodology focused on quality and our No-Risk approach seamlessly reduces Employer self-funded groups pharmacy spend for these medications by more than 60%.  With more than 1 billion prices for medications at over 60,000 pharmacies, the ImpaxRX™ enterprise application analyzes Employer groups pharmacy spend to find ways to reduce costs while engaging employees to inform them of savings options.