ImpaxRX MUM™ Solution

ImpaxRX™ works with every medication access channel to help eligible individuals qualify for all MUM™ programs. Our prescription advocates have decades of combined experience to handle the entire MUM™ process, in order to ensure the best outcome. Medications delivered to employees homes or their prescribing doctor’s offices.

Potential Savings Over 36 Months

Apply the proven MUM™ cost savings process to reduce pharmacy spend while improving medication utilization. NO MORE COPAYS for medications for those employees qualifying for MUM™ programs.


5 Medications


25 Medications


50 Medications

ImpaxRX™ provides MUM™ for companies using the self-funded Healthcare option for their employees. ImpaxRX™ specializes in lowering the overall cost of specialty medications prescribed to a company’s employees by applying policies, procedures, documentation and legal channels developed over years of business. This is now offered as a proprietary MUM™ solution and the process is implemented through the use of technology. ImpaxRX™ works as an advocate for patients by working with every medication access channel to help lower the overall cost of the medication for an individual.

Once the employer engages with ImpaxRX MUM™ the employee must participate in the process by providing all the documentation and information to ImpaxRX™ in order to use the benefits. This can be a daunting task but we make it simple by using technology to facilitate and organize all of the documentation. Technology expedites the on-boarding process of each employee account. The ImpaxRX™ system provides consistency, checks and balances, quality and speed – all HIPAA compliant. The final result is lower overall costs and higher ROI without a cash investment.