Join us at Connect SIIA23 for a Meeting with the ImpaxRX™ Executive Team

It’s Time for Us to Connect – ImpaxRX™ and You!

Are you prepared to navigate the dynamic, fluid landscape of specialty benefits and how to best integrate into your plans? Look no further than ImpaxRX™ – the industry’s recognized authority in Medication Under Management™ programs. Do you advise self-funded health plans regarding their specialty drug program? Are you looking for a better solution for savings regardless of the planned PBM?

We invite you to meet, learn about what makes us different, and identify areas where we should be working together.

What’s in Store for You?
With our hyper focused approach to a sustainable business model, we offer a trove of valuable distinctions that empower and differentiate you.

  • ImpaxRX™ technology built to simplify your sale and admin process.
  • Sustainable, trusted, compliant company built for future success.
  • Providing content and support in the sales and implementation process.
  • ImpaxRX™ is your partner in success.

Why ImpaxRX™?

ImpaxRX™ stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of Medication Under Management™ programs. With a proven track record spanning decades, we’ve disrupted the industry with our proprietary methodology and cutting-edge technology.

The Medication Under Management (MUM) Advantage
When you align with ImpaxRX™, you’re embracing a myriad of benefits:

  • Certified HIPAA Compliant: Your peace of mind is paramount, and our systems ensure rigorous HIPAA compliance.
  • Increased Profits: Well-managed client health programs translate to increased profits – a win-win for all.
  • Dedicated Digital Support Portal: Our support extends beyond the conference, with a dedicated digital portal for advocates, TPA’s, brokers, and distributors.
  • Proven Track Record: ImpaxRX™ boasts over a decade of industry experience and a trail of success.
  • Easy Sales: Our offerings are compelling and easy to present, making your sales pitch seamless.
  • Risk Free: We have your back


Meet us at the Connect SIIA23 in
Phoenix, AZ, from October 8-10, 2023.